1. How to order

Step 01a) Select the product and click "Add to cart". System will auto redirect you to the shopping cart page. If the product need to choose the color, it will redirect to product page as below.



Step 01b) Select the product color and click "Add to Cart". System will auto redirect you to the shopping cart page.


Step 02a) At the shopping cart page, you can change the product quantity. System will auto reload the quantity but if don't, please click on the "refresh" icon to update the quantity.

If you receive "Coupon Code" or "Gift Voucher" code, select the option. If don't have, click the "Checkout" to continue



Step 02b) If you receive "Coupon Code" or "Gift Voucher" code, select the option and enter the related code. Click "Apply Coupon" or "Apply Voucher" to redeem. Click "Checkout" to continue


Step 03) At the checkout page,

  • Login if you are existing customer or,
  • Register new account if you are guest.


Step 04) Under billing details step:

  • ​If you are new register, system will request personal information. Fill in the form and continue,
  • If you are login, system will request you choose the billing address. Select if you have more than 1 billing address like the screenshot above


Step 05) Under delivery details step:

  • Select the delivery address, or
  • If new to add new address, select "I want to use a new address" and complete the form


Step 06) Under delivery method step, choose the delivery method. Please take note the delivery method will vary depend on the promotion offer by E.S.H.


Step 07) Under payment method step, choose the payment method. Please read our "Terms & Conditions" and tick the checkbox before continue.


Step 08) Under confirm order step, please double check the detail is correct before proceed.


  • Please disable your pop-up blocker. For more information, please click here
  • On some browser, you may see the Transaction Response displayed in two (2) tabs. This will not affect your transaction. For more information, please click her
  • Please do not click on browser's back button, refresh or close this page.
  • For during the credit card transaction, it will pop out notification of security warning on regarding to information from third party, please click CONTINUE.


 2. GST Inclusive Information 

Goods and Services Implementation

Dear loyalty customer,

From the 2014 Budget Announcement, Malaysia Government announced and confirmed that the Goods and Services Tax will be implemented and will be replace the existing sales and service tax.

The implementation will be applicable effective at 1st of April 2015 with a rate of 6%.

GST is a consumption tax to be borne by consumers and GST can only be charged by businesses which are registered for GST in Malaysia.

E.S.H Electrical Sdn Bhd is registered for GST and therefore required to impose the GST on their business start from 1st of April 2015.

E.S.H Electrical Sdn Bhd GST No.000148766720.

GST in Product Price

All of the products and services from us is subjected to GST.

All of the product price on display, advertise, publish or quote are inclusive of GST. As this is the rules stated by the Government.

GST is calculated by adding 6% on top of the product price exclusive of GST.