Brand: Hitachi

Product Code: HIT-RZGHE18Y

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  • Capacity : 1.8L
  • Induction Heating
  • High Power Cooking – 1300W
  • Rapid Eco
  • Extra – Big Super Steam Cap
  • Big Steam Basket
  • Steam Tray
  • 2.3mm Thick Iron Pot
  • 13 Cooking Modes :
    Jasmine Rice / Japanese Rice
    White Rice / Brown Rice
    Sticky Rice / Mixed Rice
    Porridge (Thick / Thin)
    Brown Rice Porridge
    Bread / Cake
    Steam /  Sticky Rice Steam
    High / Low Slow Cooking
  • Available Colour :
    ricecooker-RZ-DMD18Y-colour-DRE Red
  • Dimensions
    Width : 290mm
    Height : 210mm
    Depth : 390mm


IH & Inverter-Ultimate Rice Cooker Technology

IH Inverter 01

Japanese induction heating (IH) is the most advanced heating technology for rice cookers. IH produces magnetic forces that generate heat in the pot itself to yield rice that's fluffy and has a uniform texture and delicious taste.

2.3mm Thick Iron Pot

Thick Iron Pot

Thanks to the pot's 2.3mm thickness, heat is transmitted uniformly to cook rice evenly. The pot also retains heat exceptionally well to further ensure delicious, fluffy rice.

Inverter control enables fine adjustment of heating power for delicious results

Comparison of temperature curve inside of the pot during cooking.

Multiple Cooking Modes

Various Rice ModesVarious Cooking Modes

Easy to Use

Easy to use

Often-used buttons are large and located in the center. The large letters are also easy to use.