Joven Instant Water Heater 1 Touch Series - 830i

Joven Instant Water Heater 1 Touch Series - 830i

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  • Stylish JOMET Colour Casing
  • Built-In Booster Pump with Double Ball Bearing
  • Built-In EELS System with Surge Protector
  • Stepless Electronic Power Control
  • IP25 Splash Proof Protection
  • 1 Touch Shower On / Off Safety Switch Technology
  • FCF Valve (Built-In Filter and Water Saving Volume Control)
  • Classic Slider Bar Set with Soap Tray
  • 5 Luxurious Massager Spray Hand Shower with 'Click' Select
  • Durable, Safe and Hygenic Reinforced 3 Layer Flexi-Hose
  • 1 year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Min. Water Pressure - 10 kPa / 1.45 psi / 0.1 bar
  • Max. Water Pressure - 380 kPa / 55 psi / 3.8 bar
  • Min. Water Flow - 2 litres per minute
  • Max. Water Flow - 8 litres per minute
  • Inlet / Outlet Connection - ø15mm (1/2” BSP) – Single Point System
  • Dimension - 240L  X 360H X 70W (mm) 
  • Weight - 4.3Kg

More Info

Stylish jomet colour casing

  • Beautiful and durable colour
  • Compact, sleek and remarkably stylish

Built-in EELS system with surge protector

  • 10mA sensitivity automatic electrical leakage detector
  • Protect electronics circuit from sudden power surge
  • TEST/RESET safety function

Stepless electronic power control

  • Ideal shower temperature
  • Energy saving

IP25 Splash proof protection

  • Against water splash
  • Against access to hazardous parts
  • International standard IEC 60529 compliance
  • Extra seal protection

1 touch shower on/off safety switch technology

  • Convenience
  • Electrical safety override ON / OFF switch
  • Energy saving
  • Water Saving 

FCF valve

  • Control water volume
  • Built-in filter
  • Water saving

Classic slider bar set with soap tray

  • Unique design
  • Adjustable push up or down shower holder
  • Adjustable push up or down soap tray

Massage jet spray for a powerful massage

  • For a nice steady flow of pulsating high pressured water taht focuses powerful pressure on your stiff muscles after a tiring day

Mixed spray for a refreshing massage

  • A combination of wide spray and jet spray gently refresh tired muscles after a hard day's work 

Wide jet spray for a relaxing shower

  • Perfect for a nice, long shower. Spreads the pressure evenly across your body to ensure a wonderfully satisfying session

Combo spray for wide area massage

  • A combination of wide and dimplex sprays to offer a powerful, ring-shaped massage to soothe your body and revive your spirit

Dimplex spray for a therapeutic massage

  • The dimplex spray shoots out 6 stream of water to exert a firm yet comfortable pressure that covers a wider area