Panasonic Optional Handset - KXTGA681ML

Panasonic Optional Handset - KXTGA681ML

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Digital Cordless Phone with 1 Handsets.

Noise Reduction

Reduce the background noise of the other party

When the area around party is noisy and it is difficult to hear, you can reduce the surrounding noise to make the speaker's voice easier to hear just by pressing the dedicated button.

Power Back-Up Operation

You can even use the phone during a power failure

During an electrical power failure, you can supply the power stored in your handset to the base unit, so you can male calls for a certain period of time even when the power is out.

Smart Function Key

Easy access to necessary functions

The Smart Function key flashes according to the situation. By pressing this key while it is flashing, you can play an answering machine message or respond to a call.

Incoming Call Barring

Stop unwanted junk calls

You can block annoying calls from unwanted numbers. Numbers on your call block list will be blocked (the unit emits no sound to the caller, and disconnects the call) if they call you.

Shared Phonebook

Centrally controlled phonebook

The phonebook can be automatically shared between handsets without having to copy it, so you can use it in the kitchen, the living room, etc. Any handset registered to the base unit can use the shared phonebook.


Color B[Black]
LCD 1.8 inch FullDot
LCD Monochrome
LCD 103x65 pixels
Handset Dimensions (H x W x D) 164 mm × 48 mm × 29 mm
Charger Dimensions (H x W x D) 39 mm × 70 mm × 70 mm
Handset Weight with Battery Approx. 129 g
Charger Weight Approx. 39 g


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