Panasonic Table Top Dishwasher - NPTR8HQMY

Panasonic Table Top Dishwasher - NPTR8HQMY

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Are You Still Cleaning Your Dishes By Hand?

Now with only 20% water consumption and a few simple steps, your dishes can be washed at a high temperatures of 80°C. Let the dishwasher do the chores ans spend your time on more important things!

Big Capacity Within A Compact Size

Big Capacity Within A Compact Size

Panasonic dishwashers have a higher body height than other average table-top dishwashers. Its two-tier configuration maximizes washing loads and is suitable for a family of 3-5’s daily usage.

Hassle-Free Installation Without Kitchen Modifications

Hassle-Free Installation Without Kitchen Modifications

No dishwasher space reservation required for the kitchen cabinet, and it can be readily installed in renovated kitchens. It can be easily installed as the external water hose only needs to be replaced in the sink without any drilling required.

Convenient: Fits Perfectly into a Small Space

Standalone Table-Top Design, Small Footprint and Easy To Use

Standalone table-top design allows the dishwasher to be placed on counter-tops, with its compact design taking up minimal space, making crockery removal more convenient.

Thin Body Makes Perfect For A Small Space

With a depth of 347mm, it fits perfectly into a variety of spaces; it can install either side-mounted or front-mounted, next to the sink.

Performs Superior Cleaning and Uses Only 20% Of Water Compared To Hand-Washing

Performs Superior Cleaning and Uses Only 20% Of Water Compared To Hand-Washing

Traditional hand-washing methods consume plenty of water, whereby approximately 56L of water is used per wash. In contrast, the Panasonic dishwasher consumes much less water, as it recirculates the water that it stores for washing and consumes only an average of 11L per cycle using its standard program. 

(*Data obtained from the results of a Shanghai residents survey, based on water consumed to wash dishes for 4 people)

Boomerang Nozzle with Rotary Jet Flow

Unique Water Flow Design Allows a More Thorough Cleaning

Panasonic’s unique water flow system is designed with precise water flow deflection and reflection to ensure that dishes are thoroughly cleaned without splattering food residue on the internal walls of the dishwasher.

Water Temperature Comparison: Traditional Hand-Washing vs Dishwasher

With the hand-washing method, the water temperature is usually 15-20oC even when using warm water. Laboratory studies show that animal fats dissolve within the range of 46-48oC. Panasonic dishwasher can go up to 60oC during washing and 70oC during rinsing. It also has a high-temperature washing program at 80oC which kills germs effectively. 

(*The above sterilization results are based on the report of antibacterial tests conducted on this product by the Antibacterial Material Testing Center of the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry CAS. Report No. LHJC-1603-35-1/1) 

(*Only detergents meant for dishwashers can be used)

Table Top Dishwasher NP-TR8HQMY



Voltage 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Dimension (W X D X H) 550 x 347 x 564 (mm)
Nozzles 4 sets of nozzles (3 sets of rotary nozzles + 1 set of nozzles on the internet wall)
Standard storage capacity 45 items
(Large plates x6 Glasses x6 Medium plates x3 Small plates x12 Small bowls (Rice bowl) x6
Large bowls (soup bowl) x6 Small items (chopsticks, spoon, forks)
Water consumption Approx. 11L (standard washing program)
Power consumption Washing motor (during washing: 70W, heating: 1100W, maximum power consumption: 1170W)
Net weight Approx. 20kg
Tap water pressure 0.03 - 1MPa
Washing method Rotary nozzle spray and fixed nozzle spray
Rinsing method (standard program) Turbo rinse/spray rinse
Drying method Forced exhaust drying/drying after hot rinse
Standard quantity of special detergent Approx. 10g
Sterilization method High-temperature sterilization
Reserve 4h
Control display LED Light
Smart control Door-closing detector